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My wife is going to be so happy!

A series of unfortunate events lead up to this, but at least there were parts of it that ended well, including this. Recently, two different neighbors had their bulls get into a fight, and one ended up with a broken leg. With the severity of the injuries, there wasn't much to do except put the animal out of its misery and turn it into beef. I was able to help out for a bit to prevent the meat from spoiling, and brought home the tongue. Trust me, cow tongue is amazing. We hope to have a post or video about how to cook cow tongue soon enough. Here are some more photos. "Enjoy!"


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Ummmm I Don't Know... Shivers! I can't bring myself to taste something that can taste me back. lol


It's delicious, I like the spiky part of it at the back of the tongue :P

I have seen people love this. But never tried it.

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I cook it for 5 min. Remove the "skin". Dry salt it for 5 hours. Hang it in a cold and dry place for about 2 weeks. Delicious as a snack or in a sandwich.

The usual german way is to remove the skin, salt it in nitrite, then boil it with bay leaves, onion and cloves. Then serve it with a white sauce, goes perfectly together with Sauerkraut and potato dumplings. A whole tongue is a lot - but you have a big family, don't you. :)
I'm just thinking - self made Sauerkraut would be a ideal project for you. All you need is white cabbage and salt, and suitable containers. Look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauerkraut#Production
Its totally organic and healthy, as it hac vitamin C and helps the digestion. The juice even helps the digestion a lot... :)
And it can be stored for month and month, it used to be a method to get through the long gernan winter month, when there is nothing fresh to harvest in the garden.

many friends around like it, but i will not try.