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Yes, I have decided to start a good diet again. Not cutting down on food or fasting because you all know that never works for me, I still need to eat. I guess in this case, choosing healthier ingredients would be my go to choice. So happen I came across Fitbox healthy meal ads while scrolling on Instagram the other day. In Malaysia, you will pretty much face a hard time trying to find a less/no carb meal because everywhere you go is rice, potatoes and fried food. So finding this meal company was a dream come through. Best of all, it is cheap and affordable going at a price of RM11 approx. 3.5 USD per meal with a bundle of 9 meals. You can choose your bundle with a varieties of choices on the menu including the calorie count.

Right now, I don't have to prep meals or source for healthy ingredients. I can just order from them ready prepped and just microwave them for 3 minutes in the oven when I want to eat them. Pretty easy.

The beef stew and curry dory fish was really good. Oh and not to mention, they don't add any salt or MSG in their meals but it still have a nice mixture of flavours from the ingredients. Doesn't taste bland. Well, I hope this would be my next new staple that would also save me some eating expenses from fancy chic delivery services.






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@tipu curate

Wait, what?! No box noodles?!!!

HAHHAHAHA! Tsek! I'm starting to eat healthy... Have been eating cheese, bread, pizza and sitting all day. I know you love bread too.