Giving PeakD A Spin On Mobile

in mobile •  29 days ago 

Might as well test it out on a picture of a bbq . One solo meat paddle hanging out , alone . 😂

So far I really dig the mobile on PeakD.image.jpg

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I use PeakD Mobile whenever I’m on the go and want to edit a draft I’ve already started on my MacBook. Works great!

Your patty needs a girlfriend 🍔🍔

Smart way to do it. Yes, totally undervalued experience! I had no idea and will be using it going forward!👍

I heard Steak was going to come visit soon 😄

I still prefer Esteem mobile for commenting and keeping up with notifications. I especially love that I earn ESTM just for commenting or upvoting while using the mobile app.

Until we meat again

I like esteem on the phone because of notifications.

I used esteem in the early days haven't gotten it again since. I'll check it out.

What do you mean peakD in mobile qa? In app or still in browser

Just the website/app in a browser on the phone.

ah okay, that's what I'm doing all the time because I only have mobile. lol

Ha! Social distancing. No covid19 for that lonely, sad slab of beef

... and the burger will be ok, too!

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PeakD is awesome! Good work on keeping that grill so clean. I could use some help on mine if you get bored and want to come to Kentucky.