My Introduction to the Hive Community 💙

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I found the initiative of @anomadsoul great because in theory we are starting and it is good to refresh a little our information and who we are... So here is My introduces myself in Hive.

If you don't know me, I'll be happy. I am Denisse Mata and I think that a word that defines me perfectly is dreamy.

I'll tell you who I am ... I am Venezuelan living on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the island of Margarita. I am 24 years old I am a pastry chef if I love to say that is my profession. I love making cakes...



I live with my mom. I can only say that I have admiration for her! She is my greatest love, for her I would do everything and we are for each other, I do not deny that it drives me crazy sometimes. But it makes me so happy and gives my life meaning.


I work from home. Selling cakes ... So be prepared because you will see a lot of cakes and you will want to eat them.





One of the goals I have is to continue studying and at some point to be able to have my own shop to sell cakes ... I would like to nominate @melinda010100 @sunscape and @karenb54 so we are all going back a little bit of our information and we have something to read in these quarantine days.

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This is a great idea! Have a Blessed Day! 😘

Yes darling, I look forward to seeing your introductory post. Happy day, I hope you are very well 💚

Love your Foodie post!

Yum! You have been curated by @jasonbu on behalf of on #Hive. Thanks for using the #foodie tag. We are a tribe for the Foodie community with a unique approach to content and community and we are here on #Hive.

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Thanks for thinking of me! I'm not sure if I will do one of these posts, but yours is quite wonderful! ❤️

You know you are special, that's why I always mention you. Thanks for your wonderful friendship

hi cook

Hi friend