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There is an opportunity that presents itself today...

It is fully on my radar that I have a responsibility to provide for my family. The ways to do so are many, but I also know that not everything is a good idea. I could easily provide for my family by selling cocaine or shoplifting groceries, but, for perhaps obvious reasons, those are exactly the best ideas for me at this point in my life.

That said, some of the ways that I find to be healthiest and most cost effective include foraging, gardening, fishing, and hunting...


It is not just "hunting" in general that is my goal, it's having a successful hunt. There are very many deer in our area, and you are even allowed to harvest five or six per person per year, which may seem like a lot. Despite how many people actually do harvest, many more still run free constantly, and there are still plenty to get hit by cars as well, which is rather unfortunate.

If you look at that photo from earlier, you'll see a large group of bucks. Many of these bucks are still out there in our area. We even saw a nice six-pointer just staring at us yesterday while we were out for a walk. I'm mostly in it for the meat, but a nice buck would be... well. nice!

Today is cold and windy, which may not be the best, but the ground is also wet. The wet ground and wind will help hide any noise I make, and I'll be using a scent blocker too. I'm not one to just sit around too much, so I like stalking my prey through the open forest. I don't plan on being out too long, so we should know if I've been successful within a couple hours. I'll let you know what happens.

Until next time…

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Wish you the best of luck, even though weather conditions aren't perfect!

Nice size deer for your area. Congratulation.

Great hunt thanks for sharing

Solid myhuntingfishing post. Sorry I missed it.