My Sweet Saturday🎂

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Today is Saturday. And it's dessert and cake day. And today we will see a few birthday cakes! Being a pastry chef I can say that I have made a few birthday cakes.



Making birthday cakes is great. It is always something different and the end result is beautiful and very delicious!


I love that the cakes are high. I usually make several layers of cake and then decorate them. I love working with Italian meringue and butter cream.



Here I will put the contest rules. Encourage to participate! We all love cakes.


They must be photos of your property. We must avoid plagiarism.

Put a small description of the dessert or cake so that we all know well what it is made of.

You can make the dessert or cake or simply buy it. We want to know a little more about everyone here.

We must use the #mysweetsaturday and #contest tags. They can use the ones they want but these should be the main ones.

Participants must vote for this post and rebloge.

Place the link of each post in the original post.

We will have 3 winners per week. Everyone will win a steem.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Can i please be the taster lol i love cake :)

I always think it would be great one day to meet you and that you could try my cakes!

That would be lovely my daughter laughs at my love for cake.. LOL

I also love LOL cakes even these days that I have not had orders my body cries out for cakes. How is everything going with you?

Im OK, having better days thank you. Cake does help me feel better, i would have you baking non stop LOL :)

It is always good to read that you are having better days. That makes me happy! I hope to have some orders these days that would make me feel good. It's terrible not to have a job forever and it makes me depressed, today has been one of those bad days. But I know they will come better

I hope you get a lot of orders, you need your own little stall selling your cakes :)

Believe me that this is my greatest wish, to have a place to sell my cakes! Hopefully everything here will improve and that would help me rent a place and sell many cakes. I'm really not afraid of work ... He just wants to get ahead and work

I am afraid I will miss this round again, pretty busy Saturday it was.

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Calm down my dear, I hope you can participate later

Can I post any other day, or it must be on Saturday only?

It would be great if you could publish it on Saturday, but if you can publish it another day it also works

I will try to stick to the rules. 😀
Saturday shall be. I am just thinking how to make my first sweet Saturday post. 😀

It will be a pleasure to see that you will have prepared for Saturday

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Hi @denissemata I love the cakes you present above. To enter the contest, do I have to wait until Saturdays to post my blog with my dessert?

If making it myself, do I need to post indepth step-by-step procedures?

Hello friend, the ideal is that if you publish your dessert or cake on Saturday, you can only put some photos and talk about what you did, but it is not necessary to put step by step

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