My entry for Mysweetsaturday is Medovik

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#mysweetsaturday contest by @denissemata

"Medovik" means honey cake.

The dough contains a lot of honey.


More often it is called торт "Рыжик"- cake "Redhead"

It is a cake that my daughter- in-law has fond memories of from her Russian childhood and she made it for us to celebrate 3 family birthdays this past weekend!


It's 15 (17?) layers of magic; each individual layer rolled thin, cut into a circle, and baked separately. Like... Five hours of 'caking' .



It is simply delicious... And Ella is magical!lsnxwf.jpg

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Hmmmm yummy...😍👍

One piece left... But not for long.

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OMGoodness ! That looks devine !

Hey there! I've noticed votes from you, but no new posts! Hope all is well?

It looks really delicious, I just want to eat something sweet, a piece of that cake would be perfect!

Do I need to drop the link on your contest post, or am I officially entered?

You are officially in it. With your post it's only 3 post we got...

I hope others see my post and are reminded to enter.

I hope that, thanks for the support!

That looks delicious! ... and very complicated. I don't suppose you can mail a slice? lol

Do you know how old that style of cake is, by chance? Many honey-based sweets seem to date back before the discoery of the "new world" and its sugar cane.

I read that it has been popular in Russia since the early part of the 18th century, so you are right. It has been around a while! There is one piece left, and I have no intentions of sharing it. 😋

It looks very good

It really is delicious, but so much work to make!

That will make your teeth hurt :-)

It really is not horribly sweet... More like a graham cracker in sweetness, but not in taste.

Looks and SOUNDS delicious @melinda010100
My sister used to make cakes the regular way, then using a very thin, very strong string slice it into thin layers with icing in between each layer.
Also very time consuming, and delicious.

The cake looks delicious. 😊

It is really delicious!

This cake looks so yummy, especially when it is made with honey. Your daughter-in-law is a star baker.

She doesn't enjoy cooking, but has been having fun introducing all of us to Russian food.

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it looks super yummy!

It was pretty delicious!

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I love "medovik" - the cake of my childhood!

I had never had it before. I can see why it has remained popular through the generations!

looks delicious, very appetizing!

It is pretty tasty!

Oh wow!! I love that cake! We (in Poland) make it too, but with less layers and it is usually square.
It is soooo delish especially on the next day when it softens.

It does seem to get better each day! My daughter in law told me that it would last all week, but I will not be able to test that theory. It will be gone by then!

hahah It would last if she made like 3 of them :D

She did make 2 of them... We ate most of one here and the 2nd one went home with my daughter and her family... They were the ones with the 3 birthdays.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Adoro los pasteles. Este se ve definitivamente delirante. Gracias por compartir estas imágenes. @melinda010100

I love cakes. This one looks definitely delusional. Thanks for sharing these images. @ melinda010100

I have to translate you, otherwise you don't read me friend @melinda 010100. Hahaha, regards

That looks very delicious

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Is that a two-layer cake with the layers cut into smaller layers? It looks like a lot of work. But it also looks delicious. I just love honey. I use it instead of syrup.

Each layer is baked separately, like a pancake. Only two fit in the oven at a time, so it takes forever!

That's a lot of work but it looks like this is worthy ! Looks yummilicious ❤️
I have the feeling that Ella is the perfect daughter-in-law one mother could dream of, isn't she ..? 😊
I know she makes wonderful mosaics, and she looks always so smiling and sweet ..😉

She is perfect and I'm as much in love with her as my son is! ❤️

I could bet it !! ❤️ And what is more marvelous for a mother than to know their children are with a wonderful companion..? 😉

Wow this is amazing! I've never heard of anything like it! What flavors does it have?

Honey and butter are what stand out most for me! I'm eating the last of it as we speak!

Oh I'm so jealous. lol!

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