Green grapes are rich in beneficial ingredients, part 1

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Hi Hiveans !!!

As we all know that this plant is familiar with the term Grapes, it is a fruit that has been widely recognized and is easily found in almost all parts of the world, including the region of Aceh itself, if in the past this fruit was very foreign to its people, but with the progress of the times both in terms of technology and other things, anggur fruit is very easy to find.

Its existence has long existed on this earth and this fruit is also a favorite food of the kings of his day, many people will be fascinated by this sweet and delicious fruit, so that every race of ethnic groups in this hemisphere matches his tongue. This post is for my participation in following the invitation of our friend, @naturalmedicine in the health sector, and this is my challenge. This fruit besides having a delicious taste that captivates our tongue, grapes are also known to have amazing benefits for the health of the human body although there are side effects if consumed by people who have a history of deadly diseases.

Before we know the good and bad effects of this plant, we should know first about the content of this fresh fruit.

The content that is owned by grapes

A. Generally

NumberNutrient contentVolume
1Energy288 kJ (69 kcal)
2Carbohydrate18,1 gram
3Sugar15,48 gram
4Food fiber0,9 gram
5Fat0,16 gram
6Protein0,72 gram
7Iron0.36 mg
8Magnesium7 mg
9Manganese0.071 mg
10Phosphorus20 mg
11Sodium3.02 mg
Source of knowledgeBook of natural products and their benefits (1999)
B. Vitamins Content
NumberContent VitaminVolume
1Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)0,069 mg
2Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0,07mg
3Vitamin B3 (Niacin)0,188 mg
4Vitamin B5 (Asam Pantothenat)0,05
5Vitamin B6 (Piridoksin)0,086 mg
6Vitamin B9 (Asam folat)2 mg
7Vitamin C10,8 mg
8Vitamin K22 μg
Source of knowledgeBook of natural products and their benefits (1999)

If we look at the content that he has in his fruit that this fruit is one of the fruits that is very useful for anyone who consumes it, then do not be surprised if this fruit is loved by everyone from all walks of life, as well as other animals such as birds they also crave this fruit because he knows instinctively that it is healthy.

So, if you are a health enthusiast, you should often consume them because there are amazing benefits to this one fruit. Benefits for anyone who wants to consume it will be mentioned below, but the benefits are not all said here because I only take what is needed, as supplementary material for your scientific interviews, and the source of this article I adopted from one of the books that have been My adoption is entered into the wine candlestick summary table above.

To summarize the benefits of this grape so it does not beat around the bush, look at the table below:

NumberUsefulnessSpecially for
1Reducing Asthmachildren and adults
2Killing bacteriachildren and adults
3Overcoming constipationchildren and adults
4Prevents anemiaAdults
5Overcoming breast cancerAdults
6Overcoming cholesterolAdults
7Healthy mouth and gumschildren and adults
8Moisturize the skin and stay youngchildren and adults
9And other diseases related to breathing, sputum, lungschildren and adults
Source of knowledgeBook of natural products and their benefits (1999)

The great content that has been mentioned one by one above is found in many green grapes, although in other grapes also have the content as mentioned, however, in other species there are things that have unfavorable effects for those who have history of chronic disease, and even if in excessive consumption.

Then how is the explanation? So in this case will be explained in the next post.

To be continue...
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Thank you for sharing this wonderful information about the nutritional and healing benefits of grapes. x

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