It's the season for blueberry buns :)

in ocd •  2 days ago  (edited)

Recently, I showed you blueberry buns I baked myself, with berries picked in the forest. Now I want to tell you about what kind of blueberry buns I like when I buy them from the store.


This is my favorite blueberry roll, bought at the local bakery. It is delicious. It has a lot of blueberry filling in it. I hate blueberry rolls, which have a large bun and little blueberries inside. Recently, I bought a blueberry roll from another store. After eating half, it turned out that there were no berries in the rest of the bun :( I ate the rest of the blueberry bun - the "stuffer" and washed it down with tea.


See how much blueberry filling this bun has. It is almost completely filled with it :)


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I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thank you @chitty :)