Cooking with children an important activity.

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One of the most favorite activity of my stepdaughter and her friends is cooking. I have many good memories about cooking it my childhood, it remind me when I use to cook with my grand mother, she obviously don't permit me to use knives but I help her to clean some vegetables, especially open the beans, it was really boring but now I miss those memories, or when I help her to fill the courgettes with the sauce and I watch them excited grown in the hove, so tasty.
I also remember when me and my best friend cook biscuits and muffins with her mother, it was so funny putting our hands in the dough, we felt so free and happy.
I still love put my hand in the dough and I teach this amazing pleasure to my stepdaughter too.



I think for children is important learn to cook its an activity not only that teach then how to cook something, a useful skill in all life, some still don't know how to cook when they are 40.
But cooking teach them, patience, va cause when you cook you need to wait, teach them math because you calculate kilos and minutes so it's useful for the brain.

It teach them also to be creative because when you cook you improve your handmade skills and your creativity if you don't follow straight a recipe.

It's really an important activity for children, we often cook pizza, pasta and cookies, next time we will try to cook sausages and salads.