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Bakery can be useful, not only tasty!
How to do it?

Just create your own homemade yeast, and enjoy it!

I was inspired by my dear Lynds in this post

I was so happy to see that somebody else except me is so "crazy" to make such healthy bakery:))

I haven't given a name to her like Lynds has done, but now I'm thinking of it too:))

Bakery with such handmade yest is really healthy and useful, moreover, it differs in taste much - there's something special and powerful in it.
This recipe was created 100s years ago, and maybe that's why it is so unique.

It's my yeast ready to work

What have I done using my yeast?

Baranki! A traditional Russian bakery - dough circles.

I used:

  • my yeast
  • some more rye flour and buckwheat flour
  • coconut butter
  • some water or coconut milk
  • sesame seeds
  • cinnamon

No sugar, no milk, no eggs! vegan baranki;)


Make baranki from dough, and let them "rest" for 5-6 hours in warmth. This time is needed to let yeast "work" and make our baranki not only tasty but soft and healthy (fermentation process).

Then I bake them for 5-7 min in the oven.

And my boy always runs to me asking:
" Mmmm, mom, baranki??? Yooohoooo!":)


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