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Hello Hive Community

The meeting was not long but had many things that we could get because in our discussion not only discussed the joke but also discussed the work and identity that made us reluctant to respect everyone who wanted to interact with us.

Often every time we have free time we take the time to get together while discussing what we will do going forward, because by discussing we not only find a brilliant idea but also can strengthen our kinship so that we are more mature in making decisions.

To discuss, it is not necessary in a luxurious or luxurious place because in a simple place it will feel more comfortable to discuss and interact so that we find an idea or ideas that we can later use to make it easier for us to do the work we are doing at that time.


But after the Corona Virus spread throughout Indonesia, we can no longer discuss as freely as before because the government implemented social distancing or away from the crowd with the aim of breaking the chain of the spread of this Corona virus which was troubling Indonesian people because infected victims were getting more and more increasingly increase.

And for the time being we can only discuss with them via video calls because to avoid the crowd in accordance with the advice of the government, because prevention is better than cure so as to keep around so that no one is infected, the application of social distancing is very important.

Hopefully on another occasion we can get back together while discussing and joking with them who are always there in every free time we have. Because if we have gathered then the things we do are not only gathered but we also discuss about what can benefit us in the future.

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