Logging in Indonesia Will Return to Normal

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As we know at this time that logging in Indonesia has begun to reopen for those who carry out service outside the region, meaning that flights in Indonesia are almost normal when the Corona outbreak is over.

Because everyone who is still overseas is very eager to return to their hometowns but sometimes forces them to stay there to avoid the spread of the Corona virus which has been a hot topic of conversation in recent months in Indonesia.

We cannot be certain when the Corona virus will end and when flights in Indonesia will return to normal because the only thing that can be sure is that the government is in touch with them, which governs all regulations that apply in Indonesia so that we only need to follow the recommendations.


The government will later announce when Indonesia is declared clean of the Corona virus so that all activities can be carried out normally again and the recommended social distancing is no longer valid if Indonesia has been declared completely cured of this Corona virus.

Because with the presence of this Corona virus in Indonesia, all activities, including flights in Indonesia, must be stopped for the safety of passengers so as not to get infected with this Corona virus and the closure of all types of flights as well as the government's recommendation to break the chain of spread of the Corona virus in Indonesia some time ago.

We all hope that all types of logging in Indonesia will return to normal because one of Indonesia's economic revenues comes from cooperation with logging companies so that with the close of logging in Indonesia, Indonesia's economic income will automatically decline.

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