Does The Keto Diet Only Work When Temporary?

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After a week, the benefits of the keto diet start to wear off, according to a recent study out of Yale.

But tell that to the keto followers who have been consuming a diet in-line with this lifestyle for decades now. Some of those keto followers are doctors even, and they are understandably concerned about investigating their own health while following the keto eating approach.

This means checking a myriad of health tests on a regular basis.

You can find articles, videos, and various resources online that have been shared, with people telling their stories about what results they have seen while following keto long-term.

Well-known proponents of the ketogenic diet have previously asserted that there are no long-term consequences to being in ketosis. And there are keto followers out there to prove it.

The researchers at Yale say that they saw mice gain a significant amount of weight after following the diet for weeks.

Note that in their study, over the weeks the mice were consuming more fat than they were burning off, which anyone who is familiar with keto might tell you is still a possibility if you eat too many calories while following keto.

Health practitioners might not be ready to recommend the diet, many of them at least, as a healing mechanism just yet, but that tide is slowly changing. There is a big uphill battle to climb, and doctors who support this way of eating have acknowledged that. The pressure that you can feel in going against what is popular opinion today, even if that opinion isn't based on sound evidence.

There probably aren't many doctors out there today who haven't heard about the ketogenic diet. It is reported that many patients have gone in asking their doctors about what keto is and whether or not it might be helpful for them. Researchers say that more investigation is needed to fully understand the mechanism behind any immunological or metabolic benefits. While they take their time, thousands are still out there, daring to be following a low-carb approach to try and improve their quality of life in one way or another. They are doing this even though no current general consensus exists as to how one should follow that diet or for how long.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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My sister and new husband did keto before their wedding and lost a bunch of weight, but as soon as the honeymoon hit, down went the keto, lol. My sister has kept up with her health, but my brother in law, well, let’s just say he put back on all he lost and then some, lol. I just tend to swing more to healthy foods these days anyway. I don’t think sticking to one diet or another really works. I find just eating lots of raw fruits and veggies along with some occasional lean meats and getting exercise is really helping me take off the weight more than any fad diet plan.

I don't consider it a fad diet by any means. Ketones are arguably a much more efficient and cleaner fuel. There are 'dirty keto' followers who obviously don't incorporate much moderation into their eating which isn't good no matter what menu you might be hoping to follow. Switching from a keto diet to a high carb foods would mean fueling inflammation and pain in a variety of ways for those doing keto, many high-carb foods wreak havoc on the body when consumed in high amounts they fuel chronic inflammation which underlines a great deal of illness today. There are serious negative health consequences that come along with that so I can see why many people would stick with it for life. It isn't a fad, it is about being healthy and feeling your best. A diverse microbiome is the best sort. 👍👍

I just tend to stay away from most marketed diet plans. I understand the science behind putting your body into ketosis and the benefits for sure as well as sticking to anti inflammatory foods. As far as any of the diet plans I have seen, it does make the most sense for sure. Health for me is a marathon, not a sprint. I find that if I try to stick to a 'diet', I end up failing, instead of eating as healthy as possible and occasionally enjoy somethings I like that I know aren't good for me, like a dessert once in a while, I mean, gotta enjoy some munchies with my cannabis, lol! Took me a long time to put on my weight and I know it will take a while to take it off if a healthy manner. I fall far short many times for sure, but as with anything, it is something that I have to stick with as with anyone. My brother in law is learning the effects of backtracking for sure. It was like when I did the Atkins diet when I was younger. I lost weight, but as soon as I went on the "maintenance" diet, I nearly reversed everything I had done in a short time. I just try to stick to good ole raw fruits, veggies, and lean meats, like I said and that tends to do well with me. I have gone from 265 lbs to 225 lbs and my blood pressure went from being in stage 1 hypertension to being 114/77 as of the other day when I went and had blood labs ran, so it seems I am doing something right. I just don't stress about following a certain kind of diet plan, I just eat healthy and happily!

the companies promoting keto products dont have a copyright on the keto diet itself... many people started to see results with it and share the truth about their results, so it is only a matter of time before companies would want to tap into that demand and produce products for them in shakes, protein bars, etc and all of a sudden it seems 'trendy'. it isn't so much of a diet plan as it is a natural mechanism that our bodies have been designed with for burning an alternative fuel source. I see it as being more about embracing a new healthy lifestyle, and getting over the decades old habit of stuffing your face constantly with carbs. Forming new habits completely and it takes time, not just a sprint or temp fad for sure. For me it has never been about weight, just health. though some might say those are same same.