Chocolate carrot cake

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Hi Steemit Family!

Here is a little something I threw together earlier. A chocolate carrot cake. It’s just carrot cake with a big spoonful of organic cocoa added and it is pretty awesome!


So what is in my bowl? Fine grated carrots, eggs, baking powder, organic brown sugar, grated lemon zest, olive oil, pink salt, organic brown sugar, organic brown flour,

I am mostly an intuitive cook. This was no exception. No weighing of ingredients- I Just go with what looks right to me.
When I make a recipe for the first time I will follow a recipe to learn amounts of ingredients but beyond that it’s all from memory and visuals.



Topped with a mixture of cream cheese, organic cocoa, organic brown sugar and organic vanilla essence.



It was so delicious - soft, moist and flavoursome.


Saturday evening...Looking through posts to find something to curate for @curangel...Getting a little hungry for a snack...Come across your post...See carrot cake...Want carrot cake...Cant get carrot cake through computer...Curate post for @curangel. 😃

Keep up the good work @sallybeth.

Thank you so much for the curation xx

You're welcome, and thank you for the cake...Vicariously of course.


Yes! That is totally how I like to cook. Worrying too much about being exact takes all the fun out of it. It should be fun to cook and not feel like a high school chemistry project lol. Of course I get in trouble with the old ladies of YouTube that hate hate hate my cooking videos LOL. I missed this post and it is too old to vote so I voted your smiley face comment instead coz it feels so good to smile! :D

Awww thanks Paul you are such a good friend! That’s cool to hear you have a similar approach in the kitchen lol It’s good to have a natural inclination to judging quantities or anything else for that matter! 😜

Thanks for share your recipe

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Thank you very much

That's looking so delicious wonderful :D

Thank you very much

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