A special recipe for spaghetti, using spaghetti squash; from scratch.

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By request, here is another post on food. I cooked some special spaghetti for dinner and decided to share it.


This is special because it is all from scratch. While cooking down the tomatoes for my sauce, I steamed the spaghetti squash, which avoids the problem of too much moisture in the noodles.

Then the mushrooms and onions were sautéed in butter with oregano and garlic, because the spices bloomin oil under heat.

When done, the meat is added and browned, and the concentrated tomatoes are added. I add a little cocoa powder, because it is a reference spice, and makes the rest of the spices taste spicier. I also add some chili powder, because it is a nice support flavor, and Himalayan sea salt to taste.

Then I simmer it while I prepare the noodles. The spaghetti squash is easy to scoop out and fluff, with butter. Use care, because the heat is steam hot!

The plate is then easy to prepare. The noodles (without needing draining and patting off excess water) serve easy, the sauce is thick, and I sprinkled on a little Parmesan cheese. Add a nice salad with ranch, and cranberry sauce (because I like it, LOL); and dinner is served!

Hope this gives you some cooking ideas!



People are requesting cooking posts from you? Oh brother. Hey we use Spaghetti squash instead of noodles too, that stuff is great!

Yup, I do a lot of cooking, and picked up a few tips.

Steaming the spaghetti squash keeps the moisture down, and keeps the sauce thick the way most people like it.

Try the Cocoa, it will surprise you.


Oh I forgot about the cocoa, I was going to say how in the world did you think of using that? That's really surprising.

My Mother was a World Class cook. She taught me that. The Cocoa is a reference spice that corrects your taste buds so all other spices taste spicer with less spice needed.


Wow! Very interesting. I'll remember that.

You can make spicy tasting sauce and not regret it later.


I've never had a problem with spices but I can see that it would be an advantage. Another miracle, concerning the source of the information.

My MOM was a great source of cooking information! A lot of cooks spice it up to where they like it, and the people they feed have to burp spices afterwards.

Use Cocoa, cut the spices down, and no upset stomach after....


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