My new favorite way to do Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixings!

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I found a new favorite way to eat turkey and dressing. The main problem with turkey is that it tends to be dry, especially the white meat. I found out, while we were serving so many meals that adding the turkey to the turkey gravy; really moistens it up!

Here is the perfect plate:

First I put down some dressing, then I covered it with turkey in gravy. Adding deviled eggs, because I like them, and cranberry jelly because it IS Thanksgiving, completes the plate.


Combine with a spinach based "kitchen sink" salad with blue cheese dressing, and the day is perfect.


This looks nice,its a shame you didn't invite me on such a good looking meal, actually you never do it's fine lol

We served over 600 hot meals Sunday through Thursday. By the time I got this meal made, I was pretty Tired, LOL!

But it was really good, and I ate too much....

You'd have been very welcome!


What is that stuff? looks like what they serve in the jail.

Jail should be so lucky! The base is turkey dressing, and the top is sliced turkey heated in turkey gravy. The biggest advantage is that even the white meat is juicy that way.

This is the best way to eat this food, and I cook Good Turkey anyway! You should try it, I bet it could make a Texas turkey taste good, LOL!


That would take a miracle for sure but anything is possible.

It really does work well. You should try it...might even make your cooking editable!


that would be a miracle for sure.

Well, we can hope, LOL!


Nice mate👍

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It was Really Good, I will do this from now on! My Wife even liked it, LOL!


mashed potatoes and gravy is the most important part of the meal to me, you seem to be missing that?!?

The plate was just too full, and I had already cooked about 500 Turkey dinners for the homeless, by this point.

I like mashed potatoes from scratch, and I like to add about a third of the volume of Turnips; before I mash them. It is very Good, but enough of a pain I don't make it often....

I also like to steam them to avoid the sloppy mashed potatoes some people make. Much less loss of nutrients, with less water absorption. With real butter of course, LOL!


OK I have never had (to my knowledge) mashed potatoes with turnips in the mash. Enlighten me - what does it do to the taste and consistency?

Hard to describe, but it broadens the flavor, especially with salted Butter. I have a Nephew that will NOT eat mashed potatoes (there is one in every family, LOL), that pigs out on these, when I make them.

Straight Turnips are slightly bitter, by themselves; but in this mix, they aren't. Instead they kind of bring out the sweeter flavor of the potatoes. I like to add Milk to the mix too.

Kind of like using multiple kinds of beans for flavor in baked beans. We used to call them Calico beans....


I am sold :) I will try this out next time I make mashed potatoes!

I think you will enjoy it, I do! You might not even need gravy, try it both ways. Let me know what you think....