Thanksgiving Day dinner at the Denver House for the homeless.

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Thanksgiving Day was one last chance to feed the homeless turkey. We were able to meet at the Denver House, which gave us an inside place to serve for a change! The Denver House is a local non profit that received an old money house to use, but has almost no budget.

We actually have a dining room this time!
Denver house1.jpg

AND a serving room!
denver house serving room.jpg

We had desserts donated:

They begin to arrive:
they arrive.jpg

And stack up a little while we get ready:
waiting on us.jpg

We blew some breakers, but got that worked out with some power cords:
line after power problems are fixed.jpg

Checking in at the Denver House before the feed started:
checking in.jpg

First time we had a coffee maker that wasn't running on our generators, smelled great!
coffee is ready.jpg

The line begins forming:
line is forming.jpg

Serving begins:
feed begins.jpg

Loading up the plates is an artform....
load them up.jpg

We had plenty of food, GOD plans better than we do!
plenty of food.jpg

They were coming in layered against the cold:
keeping warm.jpg

Some of our servers during a lull:
servers during short break.jpg

Two hours after we started, we found the end of the line:
end of the line.jpg

Everyone had all they could hold, and we served about 200, not counting the seconds. It was slower than normal, because serving in a parking lot is a lot quicker, since it is so open. This was a lot nicer, even being slower.

The end of the day was a good tired, but I am glad we are past it, even though this is the toughest time of the year!

I think I will go home, and sleep for a week....


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Awesome job to everyone 👍

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I am proud of them, They volunteered their Thanksgiving Day to serve this meal!


Thank you for doing this work.

They are good people in a bad spot. It is a blessing to help them!


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Good on your for caring and providing for the less fortunate!

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@aagabriel, thanks. This was a good day!