Update on the giant quail on the homestead, they are laying several weeks early.

in photography •  7 days ago  (edited)

The giant Quail are now at six and a half weeks and they are laying several eggs a day. Normal is supposed to be 8 weeks so they're two weeks early. The eggs won't be viable until 12 weeks by the book.

Here is a picture of the eggs on the third day.

day three eggs.jpg

On the fourth day we got six, and they are getting bigger.

day four eggs.jpg

Then the dam burst, and several appear to be laying several eggs a day.

big catch of eggs.jpg

They are still two weeks early on the laying schedule!

Fried a couple and they were pretty tasty.

fried quail eggs.jpg

So far they are far ahead of the expected timeline, so we have some overachievers! I'm very happy with them thus far.

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20200712 动漫插画|591素材_00185.jpg

These have really been impressive so far. They will make a nice flock for the homestead, I'm pleased with them!


No mucking around from them.

They are impressive for 6 weeks old birds!