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Welcome to a weekly cooking competition where we will host and give a specific ingredient to cook with, Hive Top Chef!

This competition has two goals, to see awesome recipes and to make everyone drool over them! We are looking forward to see some cool entries this week and we will start of with a rather simple ingredient that can be amazing if done right!

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This week's Hive Top Chef Ingredient: Rice

Keeping it simple this week with an ingredient we all have and love!

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  • Only recipe posts.

  • Have to use the required ingredient.

  • Use the #qurator tag as your first tag.

  • Mention the Hive Top Chef competition somewhere in your post.

  • Post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.

  • Posts cannot be older than this post.

  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above-mentioned rules.

  • All entries will be reviewed by the Qurator team.

  • One entry per account.

  • Deadline: 12 hours before this post reaches payout.

  • Can't win 1st place two times in a row.

Be sure to include plenty of pictures as presentation surely counts in the overall score, but we all know sometimes the messy dishes are the one that tastes the best, you know what I am talking about. That picture that makes you almost taste the pure awesomeness of something delicious. We can't wait for your entries so get it done! While you are at it, feel free to tag a friend in your entry comment below, we all here to tame the hunger inside, might as well do it with friends. ;)

Best of luck to all the participants!

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Hive Top Chef Prizes

*See the cover image for this post? Those are just some free to use images in the collage and even though they look pretty darn good we want them gone! Each week the winner of Hive Top Chef will get their image added to the collage until we fill it to the brim with Top Chef winners!

1st Prize
1st Prize
3rd Prize
50% upvote
30% upvote
15% upvote

Upvotes will be sent to post/comment without @qurator upvote.

Hive Top Chef #7 - Winner!

This week we were a little bummed out that we didn't see any entries! Just as we were going to throw in the towel @lizelle swooped in, breaking all the rules, and saved the day with her entry! Thanks @lizelle for saving the day and getting our booze on! =P

1st Prize - 50% Upvote


Forbidden Alcohol and Zols - Pineapple Beer


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I may try to enter this one, thanks to #qurator (you've been one of my witnesses for a very long time) and my friends @scrooger, @ewkaw, @ackhoo and @blacklux; I know the rest, @goldendawne, @brumest and @rishi556, but not as well as the others, but I thank you all

I know you have an inner chef! I see your food pics in FB all the time! 😀

ha ha ha... yes, I do like to cook, but this challenge is about Rice.
How many ways do I know to cook rice?
I have 2 different types of rice in my cupboard though, we'll see what I can come up with @blacklux

There is plenty of dishes you can use rice in ;) Both sweet and salty way.
Looking forward to your entry!

Ooohhhh, looking forward to your entry, Jerry! :)

Well hang on because here it comes

Hey @ackhoo, if I post TO the qurator community, that will automatically be the first tag won't it?

Thanks you @qurator, My cambodian people live rice so much, but my husband for teach me one this.

Ital Veggie Fried Rice 🍚🥦 Indian Style 🌶🍆 For Qurator's Hive Top Chef - Rice

Gosh thank you so much, I was very late and equally surprised that there were no other entries! But thank you for the prize and getting me to finally make this beer everyone was talking about!

You saved the day :D
Make sure you get this one on time :)

Well rice should not be difficult;)
Thank you again!

When it comes to Rice, I feel Indian never be left behind. The largest producer and many staple crop. Here is my contribution to the Hive Top Chef Competition with rice Cooking for non-veg lover


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Hi everyone, my entry is ready ... https://peakd.com/hive-194913/@adinapoli/riso-a-fetteph_riso forno sera.jpg

I want to try this one

There is plenty of time! :)

Hey 👋

rice biryani ivlds5.jpg

My rice entry - Smoked Haddock Kedgeree