Review: A Far Superior Soda!

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This is a review of a blue sky soda.
A very well established brand of which has stuck to creating a “healthier” Version of soda.


No of course it’s not actually healthy however if you’re going to drink a soda it is much healthier.

It doesn’t have the crazy chemicals in it nor the high fructose corn syrup is made with real keen sugar and natural ingredients. It even has some real plant medicinal extracts in it. Which could be considered on the slightly healthy side.

It actually taste fantastic in our opinion actually taste better then it’s comparable Coca-Cola products.

It truly tastes much more natural earthy and real.

It also has all the sweetness and bubbly goodness that you would want out of your soda cravings with less toxic side effects.

Support natural and higher quality products and they will become the norm.