Vegetarian and vegan recipes - Cook Italian Cuisine's healthy recipes in vegetarian form

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Vegetarian and vegan recipes

Cook Italian Cuisine's healthy recipes in vegetarian form



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This cookbook app is full of salads, delicious cakes, appetizers, main courses, first courses, side dishes, quick dishes, tofu recipes, tempeh recipes.
If you are on omnivorous diet, vegan diet or a vegetarian diet, you can find a lot of healthy recipes.
These hundreds of vegan and vegetarian recipes are free.
You will find many recipes of Italian Cuisine in vegan and vegetarian version.
When you choose the number of portions, Vegmenu calculates quantities automatically.
You will see the instructions for recipes step by step.
You can keep your shape by checking nutritional calories and values for all recipes.
Different menus are available, Halloween, Easter, Crnival, New Year, Christmas, ....
You can buy ingredients and keep them in your shopping cart.
It is available for Android and it requires 5.0 and up.


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I'm not a vegan or vegetarian but I love these recipes. Italian cuisine is my favourite and even though the internet is full of recipes, you can't have enough. I love that you can choose the number of portion based on which the app calculates the ingredients and there are recipes for festive occasions. Great app.

Great idea


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