Takeaway- Samosa & vadapav

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samosa & Vada pav is my favourite takeaway food.I can leave paneer matar to eat Vada pav and samosa. Not only me if you ask Mumbaikars (people's lives in Mumbai) then almost everyone said that samosa & vada pav is him/her favourite takeaway food. even people used to say that "Bombay main to aadhe log to vada pav or samosa kha ke Jinda rahte hain." means in Bombay half of the population it only eat vada lav & samosa for live their life.
all other places samosa is good but specially from my opinion, I like Bikaner sweets samose.
there is no shop who can make vada pav like Bikaner sweets.

Restaurant Information

Bikaner sweets
Sector 1, Kalamboli, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410218, India

Takeaway- Samosa & vadapav
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