Bosquepino Gastrobar Restaurant

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Hello everyone . Welcome

I want to participate in this contest long time ago.

Finally I can

i introduce a Restaurant thst i love .

Bosque Pino

Direction : Circulo Militar Fanb Las delicias.

12 pm - 11 pm

It's an amazing restaurant with a romantic atmosphere .
insert Img

There are two types of atmosphere in side with A/C , bar etc and outside very near from the entrance.

insert Img

There price is a little bit accessible . You can pay in Dollars (cash) or Bolívares (credit card)

You can to make a reservation from any celebration.


You can buy a plate (this plate for 8$ ) and from that pizza eat two or three, depends


This is a pizza in star form with mozzarella , bacon and barbecue. In the middle a Cesar salad with chicken . For me is the glory.

I invited you if you are in Venezuela to go there.

Restaurant Information

Bosque Pino GastroBar
Avenida Las Delicias, Maracay 2101, Aragua, Venezuela

Bosquepino Gastrobar Restaurant
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That got me hungry!