An Italian Family Dinner

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This was a family dinner of mine enjoying Italian cuisines. The Italia restaurant is very established at the area which is Belissa Row in Pulau, Tikus Penang. I always passed by the restaurant but never tried. This is my first and I was impressed with their dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is rather old school but I would say is comfy and friendly. The waiter is very helpful when it comes to helping us finding our preferred food. Even though the price is rather high, we would still consider to come back to this restaurant again as the food is really up to the standard.

The menu, old style but who cares :P the food is great!

Bolognese Sphagetthi

Classical fish & chip

Seafood aglio olio, rather spicy but the flavor is just nice

The chef

Ah, not to forget the tiramisu is one of the best in town. Just the nice portion of kahlua and its creamy enough.

If you happen to crave for some awesome Italian food, do come over to try. Don't think you will regret about it.

Restaurant Information

Bella Italia Pizzeria
368-1-7, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

An Italian Family Dinner
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