Kaspas Desserts for the Valentine Day

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On Valentine's day you are finding some best of the best places for your valentine. If you ask me then I vote moltan lava hot and cold dessert on valentine day. So place I visite on valentine day is Kaspas Desserts in F6, Islamabad.


At kaspas you find every dessert like Gelatos , Waffles , Crepes , Pancakes , MilkShakes , Smoothies , Slushes , Cakes , Cookie Dough etc.



On valentine day these resturants are decoated with valentine colors and you can feel the festivity around you.



Valentine day is the day of expression so be expressive on this day to your loved ones.



Restaurant Information

Kaspas Desserts
F-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Kaspas Desserts for the Valentine Day
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it is really nice place
@tipu curate

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Thanks Dear ...

most welcome

So nice decoration in this place. Very deserve location for celebrate valentine day.

Yes Good place but some people like privacy - so they prefer some lake side places.

That just looks soo delicious! THanks for sharing this with us

Valentines day is knocking at the door. Beautiful dessert and should be yummy


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