Leopoldauer Alm - 21st District, Vienna, Austria

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The Beginning

We visited this restaurant today for lunch, it is a frequented place by locals and tourists alike. They started very small as canteen for truckers. Later, the owner had the idea to offer XXL Food like Schnitzel and Spare Ribs to the public. Years gone by.. they renovated the restaurant and acquired more area and expanded the property.



They became so popular because of the quality of the food they offer. Politicians, the Press people and TV personalities also come here to dine. On weekends, they are fully booked since austrian people with their families love to dine ... you have to make reservations beforehand, otherwise you would have to wait for a table.


Food Offered

Schnitzel and Spare Ribs are the most popular food they serve in huge sizes and quantities. Popular too is Rindsgulasch... that is cooked with Beef and plenty of onions and sweet paprika powder and caraway seeds.

They also offer affordable menus at good prices to employees working in Malls or shops around its vicinities during weekdays.


Meaning of ALM

The word ALM actually resembles the alpine pastures, the meadows, paths to the cottage to rest. If you are a local and hear the word Alm, one thing you would have in mind is Oma´s Stube (grandma´s cozy room normally in the kitchen ). A place to relax, enjoy the food and exchange stories. That is what this restaurant wants to convey to the public.



The waiters are dressed in alpine trousers mostly shorts and have checkered shirts whereas, the waitresses are dressed in Dirndl. You can see these types of dresses in Munich´s Oktoberfest.


All the dining rooms are fully decorated in Alpine look and the furnitures are made of massive wood .




The restaurant is really amazing and well organized, very clean and the personnel are courteous and always attending to the needs of the diners. That is also the reason why they are so popular. Even the owner himself, (a biker) is attending to the needs of his visitors.




We were so full when we were done with our lunch ... they offered us wrapping bags for the rest of the spare ribs... I know Lily, our chihuahua princess would love to taste the spare ribs, too! All we know is we will surely come back again soon.

Restaurant Information

Leopoldauer Alm
Wagramer Str. 205, 1210 Wien, Austria

Leopoldauer Alm - 21st District, Vienna, Austria
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