One of my favourite dishes

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Hello foodie, how are you?Hope are you all well by gress of god.Now i will share with you guys my favourite resturent,s favorite food .sub burger. with drinks.

  1. sub burger
  2. soft drinks
  3. [ ] soft drinks .yes guys.its so much tastywith this prize.i will tell of near my every friends to go there and eat it.Its totally prize is 170 Bangladeshi money.

FB_IMG_1580851704783.jpgwe go two friends there and enjoy the time in there with this tasty food.
Ok friends, thats all for now.In future i also introduced many delicious food.I am a big foodie.I am new here. pray for me.good bye gys

Restaurant Information

Terminal 10
Sultanabad, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

One of my favourite dishes
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That sub looks good