Deranged Eats Cooking Show - #showcase-sunday

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Cooking is one of my favorite things, mainly because I like to eat food. I made a few cooking videos a while back, and for this weeks #showcase-sunday, I am sharing one of those videos where I made jalapeno cheese filled chicken wrapped in bacon.

I just ordered a new cookbook that has some pretty cool recipes in it and I am planning on filming some new videos with the new year and uploading them to @threespeak. I am hoping to film my actual introduction to the @threespeak community very soon because I joined 3Speak.Online a couple weeks ago, but this is my first post there. I hope that you enjoy the video and it gives you a little bit of an idea of what to expect from me in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

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Oh man. Love the taste of jalapeno especially combined with cheese. Have to do some poppers soon... video was great... always quality stuff from you.

Thanks man. I appreciate it. I need to make some more poppers soon. It’s been a while since I had any.

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I have not watched it yet, but used to love putting tuna with cheese on jalapeño and baked them.

I'll try to show you next time. Haha

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That sounds delicious. I might have to try it sometime.

Well, it was. 🙂 but I haven't done that for a while now. Maybe I should source the ingredients out again and do some

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"Cooking is one of my favorite things, mainly because I like to eat food."

Same, bruh. Same. 😎

This was hilarious! I feel like your choice of audio tracks were nothing short of perfection.

Plus, added points for using bacon. Always.

Oh snap. Thanks @carrieallen

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Sweet. I am looking forward to making more foodie posts here. I got a new cook book and everything.

Awesome! Looking forward to the posts! Should be a good delicious time. :-)

Yum! Love bacon and cheese!

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