Arugula-Mango Smoothie - Turning Bitter Greens into Tasty Meals

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Healthy meals still have to taste good so that we can enjoy their benefits in the long run without falling back to less beneficial food decisions. So, what should we do with those bitter greens that are bursting with healing power but might be just too strong in their flavour for a tasty dinner salad? 

Especially if you are not used to bitter foods, greens like arugula can be tough on your taste buds. My trick - mixing them up with sweet fruits in colourful smoothies. This way we can smooth out their bitterness and still keep our smoothie exciting.  

Arugula-Mango Smoothie Recipe

  • 4 ripe bananas
  • 1 mango
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • 1/2 cup arugula

This recipe is perfectly balanced in flavours with the sweetness of the mango, the light sourness of the raspberries and a hint of the pungent arugula. If you use frozen raspberries or mango, the smoothie is still a bit cold when eating which can be really delicious. The bananas should be very ripe, so that you get the maximum creaminess into your smoothie.  

Healing powers for skin, thyroid, liver and more

Due to Anthony William (Medical Medium), arugula is an all-round talent in healing and even if you are not challenged by a certain health condition you can benefit from this nutritious plant.

I hope this is motivation enough for you to dive into your own arugula smoothie very soon. And in case you become even a big arugula fan, enjoying it on a regular basis, there are also simple options to grow this healthy green in your own garden. 

🍎 This post is taking part in the wonderful Fruits and Veggies Monday competition from @lenasveganliving.

Stay curious and enjoy your day!  


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Thanks for the support! 🙌🏻

Delicious and healthy food indeed - yumyumyum

Already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow 😁

Seems like very delicious meal. Also nutritious food indeed because fruits insert to the recipe. Easy to understand recipe how to make Arugula-Mango Smoothie. Thanks for sharing with steem.

Simple and yet so powerful. You could write a whole article about the health benefits of any one of those ingredient - fruits and veggies are just fantastic. 😁

I spoke to both @lenasveganliving and @plantstoplanks today about arugula (maybe it was @lizelle too, I can't recall - it's been a long day) and I said how I'd never tried it. Now I feel really dumb - I realise it's rocket, as we know it here in Australia!!!

Just to let you know, we're trying to improve the user experience on and hoping to help people draw attention to their businesses. Check out the edits to the tags on the front end - we'll be letting you know more about this in the next few days. xx

Well, then arugula might not be such a surprise for you after all, right? Good to know that it's rocket here in Australia so that I don't cause any misunderstandings at the farmer's market. 😄

Ha, funny! How are you finding Melbourns?

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We are staying in Point Cook, currently on a house sit taking care of five cats. 😄 Apart from the cold weather (we lived in the tropics the last two years) we really like this place. So peaceful here!

Arugula sounds so good for one but I've never seen it around here, you've made me curious now about possibly planting it here where I live. I just love smoothies!

That's a great idea! I haven't done it before but I think it is not such a hard plant to grow. 😋

Excellent proposal! It's worth a try. Greetings, Anais and Johann.

Thank you, we hope you‘ll also like it as much! 😉

Thank you for the info!

Hello Dear Anais! Great to see you again and this time with one of my favorite leafy greens Arugula! Its taste doesn't bother me at all, I actulay love it. Yours recipes as wonderful and I happy to learn about all the helath benefits. Although I knew it was healthy, I didn't know all these details. By the way, I just bought some today for a recipe I am going to make and the rest is going into smoothie for sure! YUM! @tipu curate 🌿🥭😊🌿🥭
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Thank you 😊

It sure is a great piece of plant - so flavourful for a green. Nice, then you can now enough your arugula recipe with even more pleasure knowing that it's also quite a powerful natural medicine. 😉

Yes, that's very true Dear Anais 💚🌿💚

I love smoothies, and your recipe looks so easy and delicious. If I wasnt already in bed I would try it out...I will have to wait until tomorrow XD

How was it? I hope you enjoyed your creation. I finished my last arugula with my dinner salad today, but hopefully I find some more for the next smoothie mixture. 🙌🏻

Fresh and healthy

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Yes indeed! 🙌🏻


Aww, thank you so much!! 😄