How to Get Fruity for a Healthier Lifestyle

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For many people coming from a cooked-food lifestyle, eating just fruits as a meal can seem strange at first. As fruit is often rather known as a little snack or dessert. But fruit is way too nourishing and powerful to stay in the shadows as a snack and doesn’t suit very well as a dessert.

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Fruit travels much faster through our digestive system than cooked foods. When we eat it after such meals, it is stuck and can’t go through our body as fast as it should. It starts to ferment and can lead to uncomfortable symptoms and inhibits proper absorption of nutrients.

I learned to love fruits by themselves, step by step I reprogrammed myself to see fruits as my big meal instead of the side show.

If you also want to benefit from their powerful advantages, start small and with your favourite varieties. Maybe have some fruit 30-60 minutes before your big meal and slowly cut back on the cooked food. Maybe your snacks grow bigger and soon the fruity snack becomes the vibrant fulfilling dish, the cooked stuff just the side-kick.

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I wish you all a fruitful day, Anais

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