Food(CAKE) cannabis typical of Aceh That Make People Hallucinate

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Dodol is a food of Aceh that are commonly served on special occasions. Confectionary made of glutinous rice flour this has a taste that is sweet and savory on the tongue is a favorite food of many people.

Dodo was not only found in Aceh. There is also a dodol Garut which name is more popular in the Archipelago. Some other areas also have a lunkhead like in Jakarta which known dodol Betawi. However, what becomes special when talk dodol Aceh? Almost all the tourists who first visited Aceh to ask this snacks. Even they are willing to spend in-in to obtain the dodol Aceh.

Dodol Aceh in general ways of manufacturing and raw materials the same as the dodol in other regions. Glutinous rice flour, brown sugar and coconut milk. However, what distinguishes the dodol Aceh with the other?

Dodol is produced is limited in Aceh. The marketing was closed and to get it is not an easy task, because it requires a network and friendship special.

Why is this so? It turns out the dodol Aceh is known and much sought after because there is a mix of goods that are forbidden by the government, that seeds and leaves of cannabis. So it's no wonder the circulation of the dodol Aceh is not as easy as buying food other snacks on the market.

"Not for free sale, of course," said one of the cooks dodol Aceh, YW on some time ago.

For the people of Aceh, the cannabis plant is not foreign. Because the plants that are forbidden by the government this much thrives in Aceh. Especially the mountainous region of Lamteuba, District Seulimum, Aceh besar District.

In the mountains, the police often get a cannabis plant ready for harvest. Even up to now already hundreds of hectares of marijuana fields destroyed by the police.

In the 1970s, the cannabis plant is planted in front of the house the tub to decorate the garden. Usually, this plant is used as a flavoring the taste of the food cooked by the mother-housewife.

Even before the Aceh hit by the tsunami and the peace between the republic of INDONESIA and the free Aceh Movement (GAM). Marijuana plants in Aceh is easy to find. So it's no wonder, abundant raw materials poses a variety a brilliant idea to taste it.

According to YW, the beginning dodol mix cannabis this creativity lovers free mix cannabis, to enjoy with the other model. Especially so as not to suspected by the police. Then dodol ganja is famous throughout Indonesia. It turns out that the effect of eating dodol marijuana more severe than just sucking selinting ganja. For those who are not accustomed to, after eating dodol marijuana could be hallucinating and weak body as well as innate'm sleeping.

Worse yet, someone who takes dodol cannabis in large quantities can cause vomiting. Although the person was not drunk, but he can't control themselves.

"The effect of dodol marijuana that is high from smoking it," said YW.

According to YW, how to make dodol marijuana together with how to cook dodol other. The difference, in the dodol this plus the other dough that is the seeds and leaves of cannabis.

Initially dodol marijuana is not too concerned about the police, call the YW. But after dodol marijuana commercialization, not just the fruit of the hands of Aceh. So the police began spying and looking for sources of the making of dodol marijuana the.

"Once commercialized, our space is limited. The previous could be a little smoke," he said.

This reason, YW now no longer producing dodol marijuana. Since 2008, often get orders dodol marijuana from tourists outside Aceh. But the last year it has stopped producing it.


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